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I would like to purchase Capture Professional 6. How can I do that?

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I would like to purchase Capture Professional 6. Link to purchasing page from the tool ( redirects to Bluehost ad page which does not have the function to service the payments. How can I purchase this software?

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The link leads to the hosting company. This means that the website is not available anymore because the domain expired. However, this is actually an old application. I would like to recommend you to use Camtasia. It works on the same principle, only that it offer a lot more of features than Capture Professional 6.

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Thanks Stephen.

I am looking for the software that allows to take the screen snapshots including the mouse pointer, menus, yellow tips, etc..., provides basic tools for image editing, can save the static image in JPG and/or PNG formats.
I need this to help me to develop user documentation for the software.

Camtasia is popular for screen video capture (camera, games, etc...) and gives all you need to edit the videos, add sounds and effects, saves videos in various formats.

I do like Capture Professional tool, it is exactly suitable to my need - take stil snapshot from the screen, do basic editing, cut the area and save it in PNG. However, I can't find any way to buy the license as Create Softworx seems to be out of the business.

Any other software tool you can recommend me to try?

Sergey Pobezhimov

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