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What is Accessible UML?

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I am a blind programming student or just about to enroll. Now, one of the subjects is going to be UML modelling. So, how does Accessible UML work with a screen reader like Jaws? And pity there is no tool, that could be able to work with a screen reader, designing UML diagrams. Will it work with jaws, and also use Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 and Windows 7 Professional 32 bit? If it will read the UML diagrams, where can I download it from?

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Accessible UML is a utility that allows blind software engineers, students and screen-readers to access UML diagrams created with the known UML tools. The application allows you to connect to nodes created with Poseidon UML or anything compatible that supports XMI. The Adobe SVG is required to navigate through the diagrams. To find more information about it use the official website where you can also find a download link, manual, and 3rd party access links.

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