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Web Freer does not work on my PC.

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I have installed Web Freer on my PC but it's not able to connect to the sever or Internet. Kindly help me to get a solution of this problem. I use Windows 7, 32bit.

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Web Freer works normally. If you encounter problems it's because the extension which provides the browser with proxies installed a proxy that is no longer in effect or down. In this case, the operation is simple: restart the browser and the proxy should be refreshed allowing you to get connected.

On the other hand, there could be another cause to this issues - your connection is limited and filtered by your ISP.

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my web freer was working without any problem ,of course before that i had the same problem but it was fixed i don't know what i did!! :D
now i have downloaded the new version ,and it is not working again!i have the chative.comlink but it is filtered ,
normally my change proxy setting was disabled but now it is working ,in the LAN setting nothing is selected and in the extension i have the Secure HTTPS Proxy enable
Please tell me what to do to make it work :'(

asked Nov 7, 2014 by Tyson
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WebFreer is not opening after installation.
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see for a friend whose's webfreer is working normally.
in your pc go to user\appdata\local\webfreer.
delete the userdata in it.
copy it from yours friend and replace with your friend' will work.

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