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Legend Online new era issue.

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I log out of the game and some body stole 56 diamonds. There's a hacker on server 28.
Last week he got 322 diamonds.

I charged 300 diamonds on Friday and bought the seals packs 220 cost and bargain, then I charged 200 diamonds and bought again the seals packs 220 and the bargain.

I need help as soon as possible.

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This issue needs to be addressed to the developers of the game. Access the website of the game (since there are many publishers, I can't point you to one of them) and access the support section. Provide as many details you have and they should take care of it. Unfortunately, I can't do anything about it because I am not the developer of the game. I can only provide a way to make it easier for you to solve this issue and the contact option still remains the viable one.

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