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Aion launcher freezes.

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Aion starts normally every time I launch it, but after a few seconds later when I am in the game and want to talk, the screen freezes. I can move the mouse to no availability. The only way to close it is through CTRL + ALT + DELETE. I tried to install it again, but that won't work either. I boot the PC 3 times, to check if the PC is too slow, but that was not the case. I want to expand my cube, but it freezes.

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You encounter this issue because the Launcher is buggy, but the fix is pretty simple. Firstly, start the launcher and access the Options menu. Press Repair and wait. It's possible that one of the files is corrupted, therefore giving your freezes and crashes. Secondly, open notepad then browse to NCsoft/launcher/config/default and open the Game.XML file. Locate the true string and change all these options to False. Start the launcher again then enter the game. It should work this way.

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