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Why is League of Legend not working?

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At first, my League or Legends suddenly stopped working for no reason at all. Finding out that maybe I accidentally uninstalled the Pando Media Booster application.

After I uninstalled League of Legends and installed it again, letting it download all night, it still won't work! It will update and stuff, then when I click play, nothing shows. Then I'll do it ten more times and it'll repeat all over again which is irritating me.

I tried troubleshooting the problem, fixing it all over again, double check my files, yet it does not work.

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Pando Media Booster is used to provide downloading for the product. It's advised to keep it as it's just a downloader and it's used for streaming update and patches.

What you need to do is to completely wipe the application. Use the uninstall and complete wipe everything that it's related to this game. Use CCleaner to remove leftovers from the registry. Since you cannot delete this manually, CCleaner will automatically scan for obsolete registry entries. You can also use the cleaning option too.

Once you complete these steps, download a new copy of Pando Media Booster and install the game again along with its all required components.

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