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Web Picture Creator 1.8 issues.

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I see the website hasn't been updated since 2006 or so. Do you still have the code to the Web Picture Creator 1.8 software? This is the best Web Album software I've found. I would use it a lot more if I could get a few minor changes done. Is it possible for you to make a few minor enhancements? You could call it 1.9.

I would be willing to pay for some upgrades. Let me know if that is possible. And if so, how would you charge? By the hour? By bid? I could send you a list of what I would like and you could let me know what you think each item would cost.

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If you want to address issues or something related, then access the Feedback & Support page available for this process. Enter your real details and provide as much information as you can about the changes you want. However, there is always the possibility that the software might be discontinued. Contact the Support team and you should get a response regarding your request.

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