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Windows 7 startup & recovery.

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Start-up detects my hard drive, and the process displays: "Windows is loading files" and "Starting Windows.". The process stops before the "Windows log-in" displays, going to the ASUS splash screen. The "Windows 7 Boot" disk, "Windows 7 System Repair Disk", nor "System Image Disks" function. Is there a method available which will enable me to "see" what is actually on that drive without removing it? (i.e. viewing drive by connecting to another computer.)

I start-up in "Safe Mode", drivers load, goes to black screen with Microsoft(R)Windows(R)(Build 7600) @ top of screen. Approximately 10 minutes later, "Error: RDVD folder does not exist!" appears. When "ok" is clicked, "Asus System Recovery Tool" pop-up appears. Upon clicking exit, pop-up "HideActivePartion function: DiskID = 0 is error!" appears. Click "OK", PC restarts to "Reboot and Select proper Boot device" screen. Main objective is to determine if data on drive is lost.

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The behavior is caused by a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) which means the hard disk is faulty or the Windows system is corrupt. Unfortunately, you can't diagnose the hard disk unless you plug-it to another computer to check the data. However, it seems that the recovery doesn't properly detect the hard disk which means it could have an error. The best way is to plug the HDD to another computer and then use another application to see what's the current status. Speedfan is a recommended application to check exactly the drive health.

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