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Recover Windows 7 startup on my Samsung laptop

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When I start Windows 7, it loads until it reaches the startup logo, but won't boot further. I tried startup recovery but after it loads files it hangs again.

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First thing you can do is to start your computer in safe mode. For that to happen, remove all the CDs and floppy disks as well as flash drives from your computer and restart the system. Press F8 before Windows logo appears and choose Safe mode from the Advanced Boot Options. Log in your computer with administrator rights. Second, you can try a Status repair. Follow the previous steps and from the Advanced Boot Options, choose "Repair your computer". You can also try reseting your computer's BIOS settings. Go into your BIOS and reset everything to default values(some versions of BIOS provide the FailSafe option). If none of these solutions works, try repairing your computer with the same OS installed on your computer. Run the Windows installation from your installation DVD, but choose to repair your version of Windows instead of installing a new one.

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Windows 7 password lost I also met before. With the recommendation I used the Ophcrack. But it is not helpful for me. So I used the reset software, Windows Password Recovery Tool, I finished my windows 7 reset and my data was safe all.
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I find a related page from Microsoft, perhaps it is able to help you with your question:

BTW, if you need to recover Windows 7 password, you can use the SmartKey Windows Password Recovery from

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Hey, you can follow the steps below to fix your Windows boot problem:

Step 1: Insert a blank CD into your computer. Download and launch Windows Boot Genius on another workable computer and click "Burn". Only one click of mouse, you can finish burning a boot CD.

Step 2: This step is operated on the computer that won't boot up. Insert CD onto your computer. And set BIOS to boot your computer from CD, instead of hard drive. It will reboot automatically and access to the CD.

Step 3: Then you will load to system. Launch this program under Win PE. Select "Windows Rescue" to follow the built-in wizard to finish fixing booting problems.

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