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I am utilizing Kapersky on Windows 7. I recently changed from Windows XP. I have retained in my computer my old Windows 98 SE hard drive & my Windows XP hard drive.
I want to be able to revert to old operating systems occasionally. The only way I can do this at the moment is by switching hard drives. When I open Windows XP which is on the HDD with Windows 7, the OS sees Windows 7 as an option.

In the future, if I manage to somehow use all my operating systems in some manner, if I update Kaspersky on one OS, will all of them be protected by the newer version?

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No. This isn't possible and probably will never be possible. Programs that you install on one OS, can't be used on other OS, even if they are installed on the same hard drive. Regarding your other problem, you can access your older operating systems, simply by rebooting the computer. To be able to do this, you can use the multiboot feature that is available in Windows OS. To learn more about this, visit the following official website.

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