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Java2EE problems.

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I'm programing with Java2EE and I'm trying to encrypt information from client. I put this information on a file and I encrypted it. When I try to open the encrypted file, I get the following message: "This action can't be done. The file is open on javaTM platform binary". In addition to the thread, on Eclipse I receive: "Thread named AWT-WINDOWS it's very likely to create a memory leak". What can I do?

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In order to fix the first error message, go to Start, type cmd and open the utility using Administrator rights. After that, type tasklist and hit Enter. Memorize the PID number of the Java process and then type taskkill /F /PID "PID of Java". Press again Enter and repeat the process for every Java process that is running.

After that, solve the second error by closing all graphical libraries like Jasper, JFreechart, LiquidOffice, StyleReport and so on.

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