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My Windows PC is down and it asks for boot CD.

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My Windows PC is down. I tried with the bootable disk, but it doesn't work, the screen is black and it's very slow. All the time it says disk error insert boot CD and press Ctrl + Alt + Del. How can I overcome this?

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You encounter this behavior because your Windows OS version is corrupted (it misses a file or it's damaged by some virus / malware). In this case, the only thing that you can do is to re-install your Operating System or to perform a repair of it. To do this, reboot your computer, and press key to enter the boot menu (the key is different depending on your computer's manufacturer. Usually, the key should be one of the following ones : F8, F9, F12 or Esc). With the installer disk inserted, from the boot menu choose to boot from CD drive. Your Windows installer should pop up. From there, follow the steps provided to either reinstall the OS or to repair it.

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