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Portable hard drive protection.

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My PC is a Samsung R620. It was a Vista PC until I had it serviced and it was upgraded to Windows 7. (I have Microsoft Essentials Protection installed to clean and fight viruses)

Nine months ago I bought a SAMSUNG M2 Portable External Hard Drive 750GB (USB 2.0). It has come to my notice that these removable media drives can be very vulnerable to virus and bugs affecting them. I am extremely worried about this. My portable drive is about 1/3 full of video movies in the FLV and MP4 file types. I have hundreds of movies stored. I want to guarantee that they will remain safe and preserve for, hopefully, many decades to come. If virus attacks these portable drives they can clam up. Then I think one starts getting messages like, this drive is "Not Formatted". I want to be ahead of such problems and do all I can to be sure no harm comes to my files, long term. At this moment my drive is working fine. Prevention though is better than cure. I handle the drive very sparingly. I always unplug it from my PC when not in use. I keep it dust free and at room temperature.

What can be done to ensure longevity, safety to the drive and its contents? I am wondering if there is a (Freeware) anti-virus software which could be installed in my PC and use to scan the drive on a regular basis to effectively remove all problems? I have heard of a recovery program called Recuva which is supposed to extract files from a portable drive which has clamped up. I don't know if it would help or how long it would take to transfer only a few files at a time to my main PC with 500GB hard drive. It has always been my intention to work on only a few files at a time and transfer them to DVD, over a period of many years. Can you advice me on any of the recovery software?

I would be very grateful if you could give me expert advice on what is best to do. My video collection is priceless to me and I want only the best to ensure its longevity.

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As long as the portable drive is handled carefully and dust off, then everything should be fine. As you said, Recuva is a little freeware tool that allows you to recover various items on hard drives. For the hard drive protection, simply install any antivirus you want through the database of Software Informer. I personally recommend Avast! or AVG. They're both good. However, as long as you don't transfer executable files or work with dubious applications, then the hard drive should be fine. Always use Safe to Remove icon in the system tray to disconnect the drive. Unplugging it while it's connected will "possibly" damage the integrity of the data.

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