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My application does not work anymore.

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I bought the Monitor WhatsApp Pro version. I had 197 Remaining email in my stock. I received a mail from the developer stated that my trial period is over and I need to purchase the application, which I did already. How can I fix this problem?

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You might encounter this behavior due to an update that the application received. The developer states on the application review page from Google Play that the automatic updates should be turned off for it. If the application received an update, your purchase information is lost. However, this problem can be fixed only by the developer. In this matter, you need to contact it by the following mail address : To be noticed that you will need to provide a purchase proof.

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You have paid for the app, so you can get help from its official website.
Actually I thought you are cheated by the app sellers. I suggested you should be more careful when you found such kind of spy app. I used iKeyMonitor whatsapp spy app - it works well and its customer service is the best I have encountered.

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