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How to increase RAM in a Micromax Funbook Infinity P275?

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I have to increase RAM because this is necessary for playing games. Is there a way?

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Well, it is almost impossible to increase the size of RAM memory of a phone but by cleaning down your RAM memory at a regular basis you can utilize it more effectively.

Try following steps-----

1) If you have a RAM of 742 mb or more than that than try 'Clean Master'.
it will clear down your RAM and also delete the junk file which slow down your phone. This app can also run in phones which have 512 RAM but remember it will take 30 to 40 mb of RAM.

2)If you have a RAM of 512 mb or less than that than try 'ES Task Manager'.
it will clear down your RAM and junk files. It also provide some good additional features like power optimizer,device information,system info etc.

3)but if want to clear your phone manually than try following steps-----
Go to settings --> Application Manager --> Running --> select the app you want to stop --> Stop --> OK.

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Increasing RAM is a complicated process and requires that you root your device. The simplest way is to keep only the applications you use most and this way the tablet will have its RAM memory clear. Also, after you've used an application, keep the Menu button pressed and clear all the recent applications from the memory of the tablet. This way you will avoid memory overload.

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