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Information about the XP TCP/IP Repair application.

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How does XP TCP/IP Repair work on a blue screen of XP computer? Is it a ISO boot file? If it is downloaded on a Windows 7 unit, are there any instructions to make a boot ISO disc for the XP machine? If so, where? How do I make a boot disc on my Windows 7 machine for my XP machine without affecting my Windows 7 unit? Will setup_2.exe install to my Windows 7 unit?

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The XP TCP/IP application is used to reset your TCP/IP and Winsock registry settings to the default values. The application can be installed to Windows XP only if it has no effect on Windows 7. The developer doesn't provide any information related to the ISO booting.

To create a boot disk in Windows 7 for a Windows XP computer, use WinToFlash and a Windows XP Installation disk. Download and install the application, then use the built-in Wizard to help you create a Windows USB boot disk.

Note: The XP TCP/IP's setup file won't give you the possibility to create a boot disk.

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