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Information about Photo Vault app on iPhone.

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So, I think my kids deleted my Photo Vault app from my iPhone 4s. Usually for other apps this is not a problem. I simply download the app again and the phone recognizes that I had it before and away I go (games, etc).

But now, when I went to download the free app again- it treated me as a first time user.
I have over 100 pictures in my Photo Vault that are now gone. Can someone help me?

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These vault apps assign a custom ID to your files in order to recognize them. That ID is also stored within the application. If you remove the application, the next time you install the software, that custom ID is not recognized anymore, therefore the photos won't be in a recoverable state. The developer of the application doesn't provide any information related to the recovery of lost photos. However, you should check the software. If it's installed, go to Settings and check all the options provided. Some apps of this kind provide users the possibility to scan for recoverable files. This appears to be the only option now.

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