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I have deleted my old vault account. How can I recover my files?

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I have deleted my old vault account. I tried to recover my photos by downloading a new vault, but it failed to get my photos back. How can I recover my files?

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In most of the cases, a "vault" application is working within a cloud which means that if your cloud account was synchronized with your PC and you have deleted the account, the files were deleted at the same time. Downloading a new vault won't fix the problem.

I recommend you to use R-Studio as it's most efficient tool for recovering lost items such as photos, documents or other files. Install the application then use the SCAN function to perform a scan for your deleted items.

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There is no better option of data recovery than going for the Mac time machine, , It not only keeps backup of your latest files but also comes with the trust of mac.. But the only drawback I find in it is, it is either scheduled or you an do it manually but what if yu want to recover files which you accidently deleted after your latest backup?? For thise situations, you can go for any of the 3rd party Data Recovery Software for Mac , which comes really handy in these data apocalypse situations

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