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Recover deleted Snapchat photos.

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How can I recover Snapchat photos on my phone that have been deleted?

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Snapchat application doesn't allow you to save pictures and the snaps that you receive are available to be seen for a limited period of time (the time is set by the sender and it's between 1 and 10 seconds). Because of this, the chances that you can recover your pictures are low. However, connect your Android device to a computer and use an application like Recuva to find deleted files on the internal memory of the device.

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This android data recovery software can easily help you recover the deleted snapchat photos. You can follow the steps below:
1. Connect your android phone to with PC via USB or WiFi
2. Start scanning and select the file which you want to restore
3. Save the recovered items
Or you can also refer to this guide: How to Recover Lost Data from Android Phone

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There is an application created by Wondershare called Dr. Fone. The software is able to recover images from a wide number of mobile handsets. To check the supported list, use the following link.

Your phone needs to have the drivers installed on the PC to do this operation.

Download application:

Note: If the phone is rooted, then it's even better and the chances increase a lot since the application will have access to system resources.

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