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I have full signal for the connection, but I can't connect to it.

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I had stored my Desktop computer for 3 Months. When I started it up, it ran fine on idle. If I tried to play a video or open pictures, it crashed back to the desktop or showed a Blue Screen error. I Installed new drivers for my video card that fixed the problem. But when I tried to connect to the Internet, the desktop does not show the connection at all. I installed new drivers for the network card and immediately connected to the WiFi. I haven't got any more problems until I shut it down. Now, I have full signal for my connection, but I keep receiving the following error : "The hidden connection cannot be found". How can I fix this?

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This error might be caused by an incompatibility between the connection type and your computer. To fix it, try changing your router's connection. Usually, the best connection type is WPA2 with different encryption type. Try using this and check if you still encounter any difficulties. If you do, visit the following official forum. The problem has been discussed there and users advices might help you.

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