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Combination of web mail and client.

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How can I sync, not to be confused with other Microsoft mail programs to allow RECEIVED mail to be read in Koo Mail Client? Gmail, my ISP, and Outlook Express, all play nice with KM. OTL does not. POP is enabled in OTL and a specific mail address is also listed in the forwarding tab as instructed. For KM the OTL mail address has been entered, password, and owner, me. KM does NOT provide a field for PORT numbers to be entered but does allow mail server address to be entered. All this info is correct.

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Nowadays, services require a certain port number. If you can't provide that number by any means, then the email account won't be available for connecting on the software. However, I have tried using the software and it worked. Since KooMail doesn't have automatic settings for Outlook, you will have to provide them. First add any account (eg. Gmail). Then go to Manage accounts and modify the INCOMING and OUTGOING settings. You can obtain the settings from the Microsoft page. Go to options in and enable POP3.

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