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Compatibility of Xperia Link and a Mac computer.

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I want to use the Xperia Link on my Macbook Pro. But I can't find a compatible version for Mac. Does it exist? Is there another method to use my Mac in order to connect through it to the Internet with my Xperia M?

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Unfortunately, the Xperia Link program is only available for Sony VAIO computers. This means that there is no way to use or install it on any Mac platform. To create a Hotspot that you can use to connect your Xperia M to the Internet, I suggest you take a look at Personal Hotspot. This application is fully compatible with Mac computers and it's east to use.

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Thanks for the information. I am sure I am not the only Mac user who has a Xperia - it would be good if you could port this program for OSX.
I will investigate Personal Hotspot.

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