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How to import drum patterns?

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This is so frustrating. I am searching Google for hours and days trying to figure out the simplest thing. In the old days you had a drum machine, pressed a button and you had a groove.

Now let me explain what I don't want:

1 - I don't want to import an audio loop.
2 - I don't want to make a drum map.
3 - I don't want to play the drums myself.

Here is what I succeed doing:

I can open Kontact, see my Abbey Road Drums. I can play the notes with MIDI keys and even record them on a MIDI track, but this is where the problem is. If I press their 'groove button' they have a ton of premade grooves, but I cannot get them into the Cubase. They have lots of nice grooves and I just want to pick one and stick it in my Cubase. I can sketch out a song and then later come back and pick one of their fills and insert it in the right place. It's so simple what I want to do. I have reworded my Google search a thousand times and cannot find the answer. Can someone help a poor musician get started with his drum tracks? If you had a Youtube video that would be even better. I have seen thousands of them and nobody answers this most basic of basic questions.

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Unfortunately, the only way is still through Google Search. I have narrowed down results to reflect the most accurate answers to this problem. Secondly, there is a discussion on the official forums. I have seen that users had another application installed on their computer to import the drum patterns. Access the forums to read more about it. I don't think you've considered this option, but since you are a customer and user of the application, you should get in touch with the official developers. They should provide step by step instructions on how to import the drum patterns. Login or create an account on their website, and get in touch with them.

Official website:

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