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How do I transfer a call waiting in the queue to an agent who is available?

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In the interaction client program, I see in workgroup queues there are calls waiting to be answered, but my person is queued in a different section. It does not allow me the opportunity to hit pick up if they are just waiting on hold. How would I get that call and be able to transfer to my agent?

Would I hit join and then transfer? When I try to do it that way it disconnects the call.

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It all depends the way the managing software is working. Typically, you should have the possibility to pass the call only if you have access. I recommend checking your permissions since you are first line support, you require additional permissions to pass the calls. This can be established by the system administrator. Additionally, modify the permissions of the workgroup and then you should have the possibility to pass the call to another agent or configure it to pass the calls automatically, when all the lines are busy.

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