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Bug in JS file visible with only "Java/1.7.0_45" user agent.

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I've tried the software, but it seems to have a little bug when using some webphones:
Works perfect with personal computers, or recent IOS or Android, but have some troubles with some smartphone with ummenu.js file. That is what I've found in my Apache log: "GET /menu/um/'+umaY(url)+' HTTP/1.1" 404 322 "-" "Java/1.7.0_45". Menus don't work with this user/agent.

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There is no info in relation to this bug or the software used to test the JS files. Since it's a problem with the JS files, I recommend upgrading Java to a more recent version. By what I read on the error, the HTTP reaches a 404 not found resource. Open the file you are trying to capture and make sure that the paths are properly configured within, then repeat the process.

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