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Deactivating of automated crack tip nodes detection in Ansys Workbench 14.0.

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I have created a simple 3D crack analysis simulation in Ansys Workbench 14.0 with standard crack specimen in mode 3 and I wanted to evaluate J-integral along whole crack tip line. I used CINT command the same way I used it in more complicated simulations, but this one is so simple that Ansys recognize the crack and tells this note: "A 2d problem with 21 crack tip nodes has been detected. Crack tip node reordering will be bypassed for crack 1. Node 107954 will be used as the crack tip.", but I have 3D problem with multiple crack tip nodes, not jus "node 107954". Is there any way to disable this crack detection?

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Since ANSYS requires extensive knowledge, I recommend checking the websites listed through the Google Search website. You will find tutorials and information related to crack detection and all the operations available for this procedure.

Google Search:

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