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Super Vault problems.

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I'm using an Android smartphone. I have MP3 and MP4 files stored under Other on the SD card. I have a blank Other location in internal storage. I can un-hide and view using the Vault button the files from the SD card. I have new MP3 and MP4 files stored in the same Other directory on the SD card. When I try to hide them, Super Vault is pointed to the internal location, not the SD card. I cannot find a way to change the hide pointer under Preferences to hide them on the SD card. Can you help me?

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In order to fix the problem, I recommend you update the program to the latest version. If it doesn't work, open File Explorer, select Phone Storage, look for the Other folder and tap and hold its icon. From the pop-up list select Rename and type Other1 or any other name for that folder. Also, since it is empty you can safely delete it. After that, the Super Vault program should allow you to hide the files from the SD card.

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