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Can I download apps on my 3DS WITHOUT using eShop?

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I want to download some apps on my 3DS but even when I go online and ask this question, I'm always told to use eShop. I can't use this program because it isn't working right now. So if you could tell me how I can download free apps without using eShop, that would be great!

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The answer is the same you have received from the Internet: no, you can't download applications onto your 3DS without using eshop. But, instead of looking for ways to download applications, you can focus on troubleshooting eshop. What is the problem with eshop? Here is a list of FAQs for Nintendo 3DS Look for your problem and see is you can find an answer there. If not, come back with detailed specifications about the error and we will try to give you an accurate solution.

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download the app from internet use sd card reader 2 transfer 2 3ds! easy-peasy!

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So Anonymous your saying I need to type inside card reader 2 transfer 2 3ds and it actually works?

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