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I can't install MyLife Notebook Webcam.

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I can't install MyLife Notebook Webcam. I'm trying to read the document, but I'm not able as it is back writing. During the installation process my (C:)file .exe window appears and I cannot do anything as I can't write in it. After that the process stops and there is nothing I can do except turn off and then uninstall it. I found out that there is a company that developed the process to install it, but I can't find a link to download it. Can you help me to install the camera?

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Firstly, I recommend you perform a full system scan using your security program or a utility from Software Informer database. After that, if you're using Windows XP or below, use the package provided by Microsoft to update Windows Installer. If you're using Windows Vista or above, update Windows Installer through Windows Update. If the issues persist, try running the Fix It utility from Microsoft Support page.

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