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8cm DVD-R will not eject from my Mac

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How do I remove a 8cm DVD-R or 8cm DVD-RW or 8cm DVD-RW (not sure)? It is stuck in my disk drive. Thank you!!!

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I did the same silly thing today but I did get the mini disc out. The method is: stick some double-sided tape on one side of a calling card; slip the card into the cd rom on the top of the mini disc (with the side with tape facing down); when they touch together, put the calling card out. It worked for me. My cd rom works fine after that. Good luck. :)

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Wendy, thank you, thank you, thank you. I followed your advice and rescued a stuck DVD from my Macbook. You're a saviour.

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This is so unfortunate! Because you're not supposed to use small CDs in your drive. All you can do now is call for a hardware support, or, if you are a hardware freak yourself, you can as well as... well, not recommended. :)

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