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Update for the meter didn't work !... any ideas, hints, tips, pointers?

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asked by about GLUCOFACTS® Deluxe

Update for the Bayer Contour Next USB meter didn't work !... it detects 2 meters connected with only 1 meter connected and wouldn't update the meter. Bayer GlucoFacts software support didn't solve this bug in the update. Any ideas, hints, tips, pointers?

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If you believe it is a bug in the code & they have addressed it with an update means there is only one answer for your problem here. Offering your information to the developers is the first step.

You should be able to reproduce this problem consistently if it is truly a bug. Also you may as a end user, have an environment they need more information about? They need to be able to reproduce this issue to fix it, so working through the channels they have in place is really your only means of correction...

Taking these steps will ultimately make better for you, for them, and for all the other users of this software program. >>"<<

Good Luck Friend!

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