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informer button for "Give away of the day" from

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Ive installed software informer on 3 Notebooks, but on this one here I cant find this Register-button "Give awaqy of the day" in the main window of software informer. Here I have only "Your software" and " Notifications". As third is on the other machines "Give awaqy of the day"; how can I put it in the mainwindow ???

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Those features were available in older versions of Software Informer... The new versions will show only "Your Softwares" & "Notifications"... The previous 3 notebooks have Older versions of SI installed on it... So, you might have found the Answer to your Question.

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The Giveaway of the day tab is present only in the Software Informer client installed with any application downloaded form Just remove the present client from your PC, then download any application you from, install it, and install the Software Informer client offered with it, and you will receive the desired Give away of the day tab. :)

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to Murtuza and Joan,
thanks both of you, I think, I ve learned it,but it seems more difficult to do it but I wont give up even if it takes some more time....(just a little bit...) and I´ll put the results here again.
thanks so far

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