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Vault app problem.

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I had almost 30 photos in my PhotoVault application. I have selected 8 or 10 photos to unvault them. After unvaulting, I wasn't able to find those photos in my gallery or anywhere else. Later, I uninstalled PhotoVault from my phone and after some time I re-installed the program but I wasn't able to get those 200 photos back. How to get back pictures?

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Uninstalling the application while other pictures were locked was a wrong move, because these vault applications assign a custom ID to those files, and even if you install it again, the pictures won't be available anymore. However, you can attempt a recovery using an SDcard reader. It will work only the pictures were stored on external device. Connect the SDcard to a card reader then access it in My Computer. Make sure to turn hidden files on and browse the SDcard. The pictures should be in a hidden folder. In case they're missing, your photos are lost forever.

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