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Program does not appear on the start screen of Software Informer

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I would disagree with this answer, as I myself have many instances wherein I have installed the latest version & it still keeps on blinking the old one.

I have got FireFox 19.2 installed, however SI is still showing as 18.0.1 & also that it shows the latest version to be 19.0 & not 19.2.

Again I have bit torrent installed of version, while SI is showing it as 7.8.

Again, there is software CDisplayEx, which has the latest version & the last ever version as 1.8, while SI & the website of SI is showing as, whereas there is no version like that. I even sent this for correction but it is still reflecting as

I agree with Gary.

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The SI client has the ability to recognize any application from your computer so you should check if the software was installed correctly. Uninstall and reinstall the application, or even update the software to its latest version might do the trick.

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