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Most of the program's functions can't be used.

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I'm looking to use the Health Mapper Data Manager, but an error message announces that there is no health mapper data found on my machine. Could someone please tell me how to unblock this function? At the moment, I am using external data. I would also like to access the toolbar (add rivers, etc), which is momentarily blocked. In addition, the final display of the maps looks terrible, when comparing with maps on the Global Health Observatory Map Gallery (because legend, scale and other are outside the map). Does someone have any solutions?

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This application needs an Internet connection to acquire data and use it. This might be the reason why you can't use the Data Manager tool (also, you need to configure the program from HealthMapper before you can use DataManager). Make sure that you have an Internet connection and the program isn't blocked by a firewall. Also, I strongly suggest that you download the User guide from the following website. On that document, you are provided with all the information that you need to properly configure and run the program. The developer also provides for tutorial links.

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