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How do I shorten/change layout?

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Wonderfully intuitive and easy-to-use program, except when it comes to printing 83 pages on a 1000 sq ft house?! More than 1/2 of the information I did not want and 1/2 of each page is blank. Way too much paper, way too much ink, and I can't change landscape, delete fields, something, anything? Plus, every time I upload a picture it comes out sideways on your program. I see no way to fix this. I did pay for the program, not just using the free version, and not happy with the total lack of versatility in the printing, end product.

Please let me know if I am missing something and how to fix this. For example, If I don't want a replacement cost, only purchase cost, how can I delete the replacement cost field?

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Since the program is still available for downloading and purchasing, I recommend using their official website to get in touch with the developers. It seems you are having serious issues with the application. The support page provides a contact form you can use to send issues to the developer.

Secondly, use the user guide to read how to work with the software because it's also possible you are missing something on the software's interface.

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