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How to change the format of attachment's folder name on Yak?

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I am using Yak v2.1.2 (18th August 2004) and set "D:\Yak" as default folder path for attachments. All attachments from my Yak are saved to that path automatically in a folder created with date & time in format 'hh-mm-ssyyyy-mm-ddxxxxxx". This causes trouble to find the one among many as the folders are sorted on time instead of date. I want to change the format of folder name to yyyy-mm-ddhh-mm-ssxxxxxx. Is it possible to do so?

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Unfortunately, the Yak program doesn't have that function. You can't change the format of the attachment's name. However, you can sort your files in the attachment folder to be sorted by the date that they were created. To do this, right click on an empty space inside the folder > Sort by and select Data Modified. Also, you should sort them Ascending to be sure that newer ones are first.

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