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Nickname name automatcally changes between 2 PC's (PC1 & PC2).

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We are facing problems in 2 computers (PC1 & PC2). We are using Borgchat v1.0.0.438.

Problem 1: When I start the computer(PC1) Borgchat language changes to some other languages & we are not able to revert the language back to English, therefore I have to reinstall the app every day.

Problem 2: When I start the computer(PC2) (we are using nicknames) the nicknames of that user(PC2) interchanges automatically with the nickname of PC1 user.

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For your first problem, BORGChat needs to be installed and launched as Administrator. This is primarily used for keeping the settings. Simply right-click the application's icon and select Run as Administrator.

I believe that the problem 2 has the same issue regarding the Administrator. If it's launched without necessary access rights, it uses the default nickname that is already on the first PC. Configure the program using Administrator access, then restart it and it should work properly.

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