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When I download Adobe, every icon on my desktop changes to Adobe. Why?

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When I download Adobe, every icon on my desktop changes to Adobe. Why?

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Although uninstalling the Adobe Reader & ReBooting it at the first instance helps, but then there are times, when this do not work.
1. Click on any other icon on desktop, other than Adobe Reader, which is present. Right click "open with", & select the correct programme to open it with. Select, always use this as default for this kind. Apply & Run. Voila, all done.
2. In case this hampers anything, you can switch to the restore point of an earlier time. The latest is always disabled to be used by the system. Restart & done.
3. If none, then uninstall the app, restart, change as per point 1, & restart; & if you require reader, install, but with advanced modes on & change, as not default.

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This is normal, because, after installing a new application, by default, Windows associates the existing compatible files with the newly downloaded software. For changing the associated application, right-click on your file, hit Properties and change Adobe with the preferred software from the Open with section. Hit Apply and OK.

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This does not always help, as there are times, when the newer versions of many a adobe softwares have default probabilities linked. Thus always install with advanced modes, else change the file types once the installtion is completed.
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This is just one of the alternatives, though, going back to the restore point is the last resort, however, changing the file types also does not assist, I have just checked, change the open with option to notepad for the adobe or to winrar, & then change the other cuts to their original, & then revert the adobe to its original position, WinRar gives a better option of faulting shootings. Hope this assists...

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