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Problems with SurgiNet software.

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I am charge nurse in operating room. We've recently started using SurgiNet software. I need to use the "Grid" to move cases around during the day. If a case is cancelled, I can't remove it from the scheduling grid. Therefore I can't move another case in that spot. If a patient is checked in, I can't move that case on the grid at all if I need to. Also, I need to use the scheduling grid in "real-time" during the day to manage cases. I can see entire OR with all cases in one screen so I can keep up with what's going on in entire OR. A scrolling screen (such as we have on the main "big board" at the front desk) doesn't allow me to see entire OR at one time-therefore I can't get the total picture of what's going on. I was told that the scheduling grid properties can't be changed to help my needs. Is that correct? What can I do?

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Yes, from what it seems, the scheduling grid can't be configured to solve your needs. My recommendation is to contact the official developers and ask for help. You can get in touch with them using (954) 355-4400 phone number or the Contact Us form.

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