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How can I use Thermo Proteome Discoverer for quantitative proteomics?

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How can I use Thermo Proteome Discoverer for quantitative proteomics (such as ICPL, iTRAQ and SILAC)? How you deal with the statistical criteria to answer the classical question from biological field about significance of fold changes, or better to say P value? Do we really need to perform any extra significance assessments on Proteome Discoverer data? How we could argue that Variability calculation behind the Proteome Discoverer software is enough to show biological significance in proteomics?

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In order to use Thermo Proteome Discoverer for quantitative proteomics, I recommend you check the user guide of the software. You can find it in the Help menu or in the installation directory of Thermo Proteome Discoverer. This guide will help you understand all features and capabilities of the program and will provide answers for your questions. Also, due to the lack of information regarding your queries, you can contact the official developers and ask for help. You can get in touch with them using +1 800 532 4752 phone number or the Contact Us page.

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