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Closing a session of Blue Coat programmatically.

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I want to know how to close a session of Blue Coat programmatically in Java language or in a JSP page. In our web applications we have the following situation: if a user exits the application without closing the browser, the next time the user tries the same URL or another one, it will not be authenticated by Blue Coat (we use Active Directory for authentication). For a new authentication, the user must close the browser and reopen it. Then we need to be able to close a Blue Coat session when the user exit the application without closing the browser. Obviously the user can close the browser, but this is not what we want to do. Can you help?

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In order to close a Blue Coat session programmatically in a JSP page, you can use session.invalidate() or session.removeAttribute("name"); statements. The last query will remove the attribute from the session, so that it will not be accessible anymore through getAttribute("name") or ${name} in the current response and all subsequent requests/responses. If you have problems, I recommend you contact the Blue Coat developers and ask for help. You can get in touch with them using the Contact Us page.

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