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Easy vynil taperecorder software problem

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asked by (160 points) about EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter by MixMeister

The 4th step, when you can put the album info, keeps changing beetwen 2 different pages. One is ok, it has several lines to put the songs title in. But the other has only 1 line and ITunes puts the recording to Temp1 folder withot info.
How can I stop this swiching and keep only the good page.

1 Answer

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I think the software is picking up additional tracks that are not identified on the album or tape. So, maybe you're looking for five songs and you actually get more than a page of tracks. The software provides the 2nd page to allow you to capture all of the tracks identified by the software. I found this to be the reason more than one page shows up. I have not figured out why the software is picking up additional tracks. So, the recording ends up broken into several segments (time separation is controlled through iTunes).

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