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Where can I get a COBOL compiler for PC?

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I need free instructor's copies of manuals. I have an old one from back in the 80's that I used to teach at GTCC in NC. I plan to get back to teaching part time as my 'retirement' job. I plan to teach 2 or 3 IT classes a quarter with summers off. I've been doing COBOL for 25+ years and I see that most of the new jobs are looking for kids with the newer languages like C++, C#, VB and Java. I also see that most of them want some understanding of the COBOL to be able to convert it to the new stuff. Where can I get a COBOL compiler for PC?

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You can download a COBOL compiler from SourceForge. I suggest you try GnuCOBOL (formerly OpenCOBOL) because it's free of charge and easy to install and use. Also, you can try IDE Cobol. If you need a new manual you can find one using Google search engine. Personally, I suggest you check the guides from IBM.

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