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Step by step instructions to hide IP for going on websites like CBS to view videos.

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I need step by step instructions on ProxyWay free version 5.0. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium.I haven't figured out how to configure the rest of the Proxy settings. I've almost got it and all I need is to configure the connection on ProxyWay. I have imported the CGI Proxies & highlighted the ones to automatically run in the Service Manager. The ProxyWay icon down in the task bar shows the red X, but everything seems to be running fine. I looked up the ProxyWay icon that I had & it said (the program is running, all default services are normally working, all default services are anonymous, but Internet connection failed). I went into ProxyWay, clicked on connections & then clicked on Firefox to configure ProxyWay for my Firefox browser. Did that & still the red X didn't go away. I basically just need the steps to remove the red X. I go to & I click on Shows,then MacGyver, then it comes up with their video screen & says that I must be in the wrong Geographical Area. My CGI Proxies are all Http. I am wondering if I should get the other proxy lists that are either HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A, SOCKS5 or SOCKS5AUTH, because if I just have the HTTP Proxy like the CBS website, would I still be anonymous or not? It says I am & the connection is failed. What should I do?

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The ProxyWay application isn't available anymore which means there is no support for this service. If you still have the application installed, remove it from your computer then access Google Search and browse to the list of websites that provides. The CGI proxies are detected by websites like CBS which means in this case ProxyWay is useless. You will need to manually input the proxy in the Firefox section. Open Firefox > Tools > Options > Advanced > Networking. Input the PROXY manually and then browse the website. It's more secure this way and it works even better. It's a hassle until you find one good proxy then you can use it on and on.

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