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Simulation of multiple Bluetooth enabled mobile phones on a single laptop.

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I need a load testing tool that would enable me to simulate multiple Bluetooth enabled mobile phones on a single laptop. The laptop has Bluetooth enabled on it. Any other device should be able to detect the simulated mobile phones, and should be able to transfer files via Bluetooth.

Basically my application would be transferring files to multiple mobile phones via Bluetooth at crowded places. I really need to make sure that the application can transfer to any number of mobile phones that come within the Bluetooth range of our system (after the user chooses to accept the Bluetooth transfer of course).

Can somebody please tell me if I can use PTS for this purpose?

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No, according to the official description, you can't use the Bluetooth PTS to send multiple files to the connected Bluetooth phones or devices. The Bluetooth PTS is used for something else.

However, the only possible way is through the UUID method, but that means you will send only one file to multiple devices on Android. There is no solution for PC.

Use the following website for more information:!topic/android-developers/adeBD275u30

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