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How can I move the iTunes to a new hard drive?

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I have iTunes installed on my C drive which is almost full. I decided to purchase a new drive and to move everything to it. I copied the iTunes library to the new drive, uninstalled the program from the C drive and reinstalled it on the new one. The application worked, but it doesn't see the music files. It keep looking back at the drive C. I was able to copy my music files back to the drive C and iTunes was able to see them. The main program is still on the new drive. How to move my music files to the new drive?

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Open the iTunes and go to Edit > Preferences > Advanced, check the Keep iTunes Media folder organized box and click OK. Restart the application and go again to Edit > Preferences > Advanced, click the Change button below the iTunes Media folder location and navigate to the new hard drive where you would like your new Media folder to be created. Select the Make New Folder option, enter a name for the directory and click twice OK. Go to File > Organize/Consolidate Library, check the Consolidate files box and press OK. This feature will copy all all your media files to the new location. After that, drag and drop the original iTunes Media folder to Recycle Bin and restart the application. If you don't receive any error, you can empty the Recycle Bin.

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