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Two questions: Audio level and virus in software

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:( I have GrabBee+deluxe successfully installed on my PC (Win XP Pro SP3). Hopefully someone who also uses this software can answer me two questions:

  1. The audio level coming through the USB Capture lead to my PC is so high that very audible distortion occurs on the resulting recording. I have tried reducing the "volume" fader on the GrabBee window but this only affects the sound coming directly through the speakers, the recorded audio is still highly distorted. Because I work in audio I was able to insert a -30 dB in-line attenuator to each audio channel but these have minimal effect despite their relatively high attenuation capability. I have found a workaround which is to simultaneously record the audio to an external audio editor (Adobe Audition) whilst transferring the video and a highly distorted audio track (for use as a guide to inserting/lining up the separate audio track) and after completion I insert the separate audio track in to my video editor and mute and eventually delete the audio recorded via the USB Capture. This works but is clumsy and does entail a very careful check for lip-sync etc.

Does anyone else have this problem and if so, how do you resolve it?

  1. My antivirus (AVG 8 Pro) keeps telling me that the file ...ProgramFiles/USBVideoDevice/Utility/Host.exe contains the virus Win32/Fujacks. A quick Google search suggests this is not a "harmless threat" but if I allow my AV to quarantine the affected file GrabBee cannot run.

Can anyone else confirm whether they also have this "virus"? Is the software genuinely infected?

I should add I am running the latest versions of GrabBee and driver software (I checked on the VideoHome site).

TIA for any advice/help.


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Hi Jeff.
Did you receive an answer to your question about distorting sound? I have the same problem and am looking for an answer.
Have only just installed GrabBee so have not checked out the virus things yet.

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Hi Lesley. Sorry to not reply before, but I've only just seen your message.

No, I did not really resolve this problem. Have not done anything with the interface recently so cannot properly remember how successful was the last transfer I made. I think what I did was to make some change to the mixer applet for my sound card (Creative Audigy 2ZX), although this should theoretically NOT have any effect since the connection between the interface and the computer is via USB.

Sorry to not be more helpful.

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