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Dell webcam central is not working

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I downloaded Dell Webcam Center, but when I try to use it, it says ''No supported webcam driver detected. Please install the webcam driver using the Dell Resource CD and launch Webcam Center again''
I entered the Dell Resource CD for my dell vista but there are no webcam drivers.
Where can I get the right webcam driver?

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Hey friends according to me to solve the problem related to dell webcam you can try this link... in this video many steps of checking and solving are suggested

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Webcam sofware working but driver not match

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you can go to this websit

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hi, This is a solution. for the question no. 1.

open the resource CD. and install your notebook system driver.
Then reinstall your webcam driver.
This driver is in the utilities section of your resource cd.
I had the exact same problem. so try and find the webcam driver in the resource CD

you may contact me at ""

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the only obvious solution is to revert back to windows blinds looks alot better than windows vista or 7 and xp is compatible with just about everything....

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I had the same problem as David. I have a Dell Inspiron 1764. When I inserted the Dell Resource CD that came with the computer, under "Applications" I selected "Dell Webcam Software (MS inbox drivers) Rev: A01". The webcam driver(s) installed, and the Webcam Central program works fine -- for now. Hope this helps.

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I have same issue. I just got this new XPS15 laptop with quantra integrated webcam. Dell webcam software was working fine, but in an effort to remove all clutter, I uninstalled that (among many other preloaded software). So, then I want to record video and redownloaded it because resource CD has the webcam driver, which works just fine and which is also automatically downloaded by windows update (clean auto-install), BUT IT does NOT have the dell webcam software. I downloaded the dell webcam software from the website; however, unlike before, I get an error message saying "no supported webcam driver." Apparently, this software, version 2.01.26, is NOT the same as the version that comes preloaded on your laptop! Buyer beware, if you uninstall your dell webcam software, you will never be able to use it again, because the web version does not work with your dell laptop. Because the webcam driver works independently from the webcam software, you can still freely use applications like gmail video chat. To know definitively whether you are screwed, with the dell webcam software open, click on settings and navigate to motion detection. By clicking the "detection" entry on the left field, you will see a box appear on the right field that will show a working webcam field of live video capture (and below it is a slider used to set detection threshold). Because you can see yourself in this setting, you know the driver works, but because you cannot use the software to capture footage, you know the software is incompatible with your dell xps15 laptop. If someone has the factory-installed version of this software, which is again not available on the CD, please be so kind as to upload it for us all to download to restore functionality to our XPS15 laptops.

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That's very odd because mine and other people's webcam central works. Maybe you didn't download it right. Or maybe you saved it in a folder or in the wrong folder...

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The problem is that Microsoft installs its own driver for the camera, you need to install the Creative driver for the camera... bingo!

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HELP!! i have a dell inspiron mini and it doesnt take discs and my webcam center 2.0 isnt working what do i do??

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