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I cannot send and I cannot receive any email.

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I used IncrediMail for 3 years and I had no problem until now. AT&T changed their Pop and STMP codes and now is using SSl. I cannot send and I cannot receive any email. The application was configured according to ATT instructions. What can I do?

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I believe I,m having same problem they had me take a screenshot and send it to them and i,m waiting for anwer

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I have signed up to DSL and thus needed a new email address, of the form and ever since haven't been able to send any email. I do recieve email but that's it. After about 6 week they(incred) sent an acknowledgement but was unable to understand what was supposed to be done to fix it. Yahoo also has a problem with it and wants me to goto Yahoo to open and send email. However it doesn't ever seem to accept my login.

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Firstly, in order to fix the problems, download and install the latest version of IncrediMail program from the official web page. After that, use the Incredimail instructions to update your account settings.

Note: If you have issues with the first link from the Instructions page, use email address to get in touch with the support team.

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